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"3D Gym women"










With this 860 element you can analyse and understand each element in the greatest detail designed to help improve your performance level!


ATTENTION: our system does not allow 2 connections with 1 user's details, you risk to block your account and session. Install the app just one support.




Once you have chosen your skill you can zoom in and out on each video, getting close to the move helps to see the hand positioning or body position.

This great function really helps understand the technique of each element in depth, making teaching and understanding a lot easier for all.



360 degres rotation

Once you have chosen your skill you can rotate freely around the space by simply dragging your finger around the screen, viewing it from every angle possible. Great for understanding, visualising and teaching all elements.

A powerful search engine

The App has a powerfull search engine built in to facilitate your search for skills. You can also search with the name of the element or just freely browse all of our 3D videos.



You can filter your search through selecting skills in catagories/groups or such as forward rotation, backward rotation, twisting or even difficulty. A great tool to help with routine construction or to generate ideas for skills needed to complete routine requirements within a certain category.


speed variation and direction

Once you have selected your skill you can control the speed of the video, watching each element in slow motion can help fully understand the skill. With our built in slider bar, fully control the speed and direction that you watch the video.



Test your knowledge with this multiple choice quiz; apparatus, values, groups, number of elements, timer... Your statistics and corrections will be displayed at the end of the quiz.


routine requirements

This videos are making in order to better understand  the rules of Code of Points and the routine requirements (Value, starting score, requirements...)



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